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    Cressi diving masks for

    spearfishing and apnea

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    A snorkel is a simple but essential piece of equipment. It's very difficult (albeit possible) to freedive for an extended period of time without a snorkel, so in a pinch almost any snorkel will be a big improvement. But when you've gotten used to a good snorkel having the right features, a bad snorkel becomes almost unbearable. So as with all our spearfishing gear the snorkel receives its share of attention. 

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    Spearfishing Fins

    As previously mentioned, fish aren't too keen on the higher vibrations that come off hard fins. A softer fin can, therefore, be much more beneficial for a spear fisherman hoping to sneak up on fish.
    Soft fins also have the advantage of not using too much energy as minimal movement and leg work is needed to move them through the water effectively – this is a huge plus for freedivers and spearfishers!

  • Snorkeling combos

    New Cressi Calibro Mask Paired with the best selling Corsica Snorkel

  • Wetsuits

    Looking for a wetsuit to accommodate spearfishing? A top consideration is mobility - you want to be able to react and move in the water. If you're spearfishing, it is very important to keep your hands warm so they can hold your speargun. Find gloves that are warm and flexible enough for your fingers to grip and move. Speaking of spearguns, if yours is large you'll be more comfortable with a wetsuit with a chest pad for holding your gun close to your body. Our Cressi spearfishing wetsuits are an excellent type suit with loading pads.

  • Gloves

    The Cressi Hunter Spearfishing Gloves

  • Socks

    Neoprene socks for spearfishing and freediving

  • Knives / Spearfishing

    Knives, when spearfishing, have many uses. Either for dealing with fish once they have been caught or for cutting line. Either way knives are a must have item for convenience and safety. Our range of knives come in many styles, which one is best suited will depend on the individuals needs and preferences.

  • Spearguns

    speargun is an underwater fishing implement designed to launch a spear at fish or other underwater animals or targets. Spearguns are used in sport fishing and underwater target shooting. The two basic types are pneumatic and those powered by rubber bands. Spear types come in a number of varieties including threaded, break-away and lined. Floats and buoys are common accessories when targeting larger fish.

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    Cressi Bags for long fins or spearguns.

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